1. Get ready to travel from Hawaii to Brazil to India and beyond between your
    regularly scheduled Zumba class with the upcoming Zumba Fitness World Party
    video game!

    Coming this November to Wii, Wii U, Kinect for Xbox 360 & Xbox One.

  2. Claudia Leitte! <3 vrá

  3. Bellaaaaaa…..nn vediamo l’ora…..

  4. minha gostosa! #Claudinha

  5. graCieLi Figueiredo

    Claudia Leitteeeee!!!!! *——* #Orgulho

  6. Claudia Leitte arrasa!

  7. Ana Isabella de Souza

    Claudia Leitte!!!! <33

  8. Limbooo <3

  9. check out my channel

  10. Yes new game!!!!

  11. Can’t wait

  12. I love Zumba!! Helped me lose and keep off 90 lbs!!! Kept it off for two

  13. Die frau kann gut zumba tanzen

  14. Limboooo!!!!

  15. Yeah endlich wieder etwas zur Choreoinspiration für zu Hause 😉 zzzzZUMBA!

  16. i cant dance la cucaracha

  17. I want this so bad!!! a new addition to my zumba collection!

  18. …too bad no one actually dances any of that.

  19. Realistic graphics? Isn’t it just video? They are basically using the
    console as a interactive DVD player, not that there is anything wrong with
    that for this type of game, but they shouldn’t be calling it “graphics”.

  20. Had a great time dancing in this commercial with all the amazing talent,
    can’t wait until the game releases!!!!

  21. better bring this stock ABOVE 1 SHARE

  22. Gozei ‘-‘

  23. I Wanted this !!!!!!!!!! i have zumba fitness 2 i love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. what’s the song used in this trailer? anyone know?

  25. happy hour brought me here :(

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