Zumba; a New Way to Get in Shape

Zumba® Fitness is an exciting way to work out and have fun while in a team-building atmosphere. Unlike other aerobics classes, Zumba® instructors teach classic and modern dance moves during this one hour long core workout. Along with core conditioning, Zumba® routines tone legs, arms, back, and chest. The aim of this full body workout is to have a great time, dance, raise the heart rate, and tone muscles.

History of Zumba

According to the official Zumba® website, Zumba® started by accident in Columbia, when one day fitness instructor “Beto” Perez came to teach his aerobics class and realized he’d forgotten his music. He improvised with what he did have, which was Latin dance music. The class was so popular that it stuck, and out of this, Zumba® fitness began. In 2002, the Zumba® brand was launched nationwide throughout the United States. Now, Zumba® is taught in 75 countries over six continents, and is aligned with five nationally and internationally recognized fitness organizations.

Features of a Zumba® Workout

The Zumba® instructor may teach Latin dances such as the salsa, meringue, cumbia, cha-cha, belly dancing, samba, Flamenco, and reggaeton. Depending on the skill and desire of the instructor, other dances such as African dance, hip-hip, or famous choreographed dances may be incorporated into the class. Although each week is a different class, the instructor will continue to add onto the basic steps of each dance and teach more complicated rhythms and foot movements. High impact dances are combined with lower impact toning dances to keep the heart rate up and the muscles active.

Types of Zumba® Classes

There is a Zumba® class for everyone, even if they’ve never danced before. The following Zumba® classes are options:

  • Zumba® basics class: will give the participant a chance to learn all the steps and will combine the flavor of Zumba® with toning.
  • Zumba® Gold class: for the older participant, or someone who is just starting to exercise
  • Aqua Zumba: a water aerobics class that incorporates Zumba moves into a pool workout
  • Zumbatonic®: Zumba for kids!

The Zumba® workout is a fantastic way to get into shape, enjoy exercising, and learn dance. The instructors bring their own style and flavor to the class, so every session is different. Zumba® provides a new outlet for anyone looking to exercise, beginner to advanced. Zumba® classes are offered all over the country, in gyms nationwide.


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