1. I just tried it for Mike Chang and the top 3 results were as follows; Mike
    Chang Fag, Mike Chang Dick & Mike Chang Fag Dick. Just putting it out
    there. Oh and if Mike Chang pisses you off, you’ll appreciate this video I

  2. Scooby never cycles omar. He just cruises.

  3. Damn Omar!!!! Getting ripped

  4. Funny as hell Omar! Sequel please.

  5. LOL! Great video!

  6. He’s jacked off scooby snacks

  7. what did mike chang do to omar?

  8. McPoptart…hahahaha he just tore up mccarthy lolol

  9. Soon as I read the title of this vid I knew Ogus would have G for P as his
    top search. Hilarious times lol

  10. Conisour of eyebrows. Lols

  11. Omar only you can make a funny video about you tube search

  12. Uncle Ben! lol, Awesome video

  13. *CandyToe 

  14. lol at scooby cycling

  15. Mcpoptart LOOL

  16. Lol, awesome video Omar!

  17. The Ian part was hilarious, the Ogus part was hilarious, the Scooby part
    was hilarious, this whole video was fucking HILARIOUS…make a sequel Omar!

  18. That’s because Brady Brosef is taking over

  19. this was one funny video man, awesome video

  20. Dude you’ve got so much bigger since last time haha!

  21. i dont watch any of those dudes for the EXACT reasons you’re talking about.
    i like charisma and personality and fun, real dudes. boring is whack.

  22. I wanna sequel and also I wanna more detailed explanation of all the
    results that you’ve found out, because you missed a lot of funny stuff that
    was in your dropbox 🙂

    Great video man, Omar Isuf is a perfect blend of a strength trainer and a
    comedian, of course we have the Hodgetwins but Omar has his own unique
    style 🙂

    Btw love the freeza’s T-shirt XD

  23. The scooby voice impressions cracked me up

  24. Haha this video made me laugh good video omar 

  25. not POG?

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