Your Weight Loss Plan: Start By Setting Weight Loss Goals That Will Keep You Motivated

by Danny Rodgers
(London, UK)

Many people trying to lose weight give up because they are not reaching their goals. Even though they may have been losing weight steadily, they perceive their goal as being too far away or unattainable.

This is why it is so important to set your goals correctly to begin with.

Start with the big number. You know that you have a lot of weight to lose but it is overwhelming to try to lose it all at once.

So break that big number down into a series of small goals that you can work towards without becoming frustrated or overwhelmed. Make your goals specific and attainable.

They should be reasonable in a short time frame. This way you will achieve a number of small successes that add up to the larger success.

Let’s say you need to lose 40 pounds. This is a large goal that will take you a while to achieve.

Instead of focusing on the 40 pounds, why not take it 10 pounds at a time. Or possibly even set your goals for 5 pounds at a time. This way, your goal will always be within reach and you feel in control.

Make Your Goals Flexible

Your goals don’t need to be written in stone. You may find that you are doing well on your weight loss plan and that you will aim to lose more than you had originally planned.

Often, life gets in the way of our goals, even when we try hard to stay on track. When this happens, don’t let it sidetrack you from your ultimate goal.

Instead, readjust your goals and continue forward. As long as you are moving toward your goals, you are making progress and should feel good about what you have accomplished.

Your Goals Don’t Always Have to Be About the Pounds

While most people set their weight loss goals by the scale, that is not necessary or even always desirable. Consider some other goals that you might set.

They could include exercise goals such as running 5 miles or working out at a certain intensity. Perhaps set a goal to work out for 45 minutes for 5 days this week. Or plan to lose a dress size or two before an important date.

These kinds of goals can be just as motivating as weight loss goals because they accomplish a measurable and achievable goal that moves you toward a healthier weight. They are useful to keep you moving in the right direction and you can feel a strong sense of achievement when you reach them.

These kinds of goals are healthy also, and keep you from becoming fixated on the bathroom scales. Set several of these types of goals along your path to better health and a slimmer body.

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Updated: January 6, 2014 — 11:41 am

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