1. I just recently paid $175.00 at my local clinic to have H2O2 squirted into
    my ear to loosen wax. It took 5 minutes and they didn’t give me a price
    until it was over! Our system is clearly broken. Or the dollar is broken.
    Either way I am doomed.

  2. Now if we could only get someone to translate this speech into ebonics and
    have it delivered by someone like SnoopDog then might still be Hope for

  3. You go, Bill Whittle. I’m sick of everything medical costing a ton of
    money. Did you know that you can buy a simple scientific calculator for
    less than that hospital aspirin? Or a betta fish and tank… or a
    hair-straightening iron… or guitar case humidifier… or a Homelanders
    book… or a pair of costco jeans. Why is there no such thing as a
    “bargain” in medical care? 

  4. Been through more than a half dozen eye surgeries and believe me, the cost
    mount FAST. Doesn’t matter that the surgery didn’t work with multiple
    retina surgeries on my right eye or with my glaucoma surgery in my left eye
    when I woke up when they cut my eye and basically had to grit my teeth and
    hold onto the rail on the bed for dear life as they shoved a tube in my eye
    to relieve the eye pressure…. well, needless to say I wasn’t spared the
    cost of the anesthesiologist despite that error.. 

  5. Interesting ideas on health care from Virtual President Bill Whittle:

  6. To my knowledge the aspirin cost is actually the hospital dispensing fee.
    Hospitals are more-or-less socialist institutions, one part subsidizing the

    Why can’t one state pass legal reform plus allowing out-of-state
    purchases (basically the Coulter plan).

  7. What a libertarian/conservative thinks: “Makes sense to me.”

  8. Anyone have a link to this plan? Can’t seem to find it. Thanks.

  9. Just want to say that I love what you do. I was a left leaner a few years
    ago, but your videos have helped to show me what conservatism really is and
    not what the liberal media wants me to think it is. I was wondering if you
    would ever do a commentary on Atheism, Secularism, and the Principles of
    Separation of Chruch and State. This is one of my most liberal positions
    and I haven’t seen any conservatives offer good rebuttals to them. If
    anyone could change my views, it would be you.

  10. It’s a simple solution, really. Tell EVERYONE 50 years old and younger, NO
    MORE MEDICARE, effective immediately. Simply CANCEL the program. I will not
    sign up for Obamacare, EVER. They can throw me in jail…I will not pay.

  11. Why don’t you just promote a free-market based healthcare?
    why are we getting yet another plan?

  12. Mr. Virtual President for President!

  13. Hey Bill, question about this position. What are the economic costs for
    eliminating the jobs of the middle men? Is that an issue of concern?

  14. One thing that the whole debate over Obamacare failed to address is a
    really deep review about how healthcare in America ought to function. IMHO
    it is something that conservatives have completely missed the mark on
    dealing with, as they are supportive of the current labor union
    (actually… a guild called the American Medical Association) protections
    have screwed up the whole industry and has brought us to this situation in
    the first place.

    Much of what people need from a health care provider does not need to be
    nearly so expensive, nor does the training regime used to make new health
    care attendants (aka doctors, nurses, EMTs, technicians, and others who
    actually do make real health care decisions to assist you directly in
    maintaining your health) needs to be as utterly insane kind of hazing that
    it has become. Don’t get me wrong, we need competent doctoral-level
    educated people who can discover the really hard problems in health care,
    and places like a hospital really are needed as well. But some deep
    thinking into what is really needed should happen… and real reforms are
    prevented because of the undemocratic abuse of political power that kills
    freedoms from people who might try something different.

    A big part of that is pretty much what Bill Whittle is trying to advocate,
    to return the cost and responsibility of an individual’s health care to
    that individual. It should also be something based upon a free market….
    which includes freedom of new ideas to be put forward without having to go
    before a state medical board that can kill proposals that might threaten
    the labor union running health care at the moment.

  15. Please Bill……what are the doctors names for the health plan you

  16. you look good in that office Bill

  17. When the hospital charges 20 dollars for an aspirin that does not represent
    money going to the insurance company but money going away from the
    insurance company. 

  18. This guy is excellent!

  19. Theoretically, a wonderful plan. Tragically, it will never be
    implemented. Why? It goes against the interests of legions of Lawyers.
    And america is run by lawyers.

  20. I truly hope to raise my children to grow up and be a logical and
    compassionate thinker like you! 

  21. People who listen to people like you Bill are absolutely Unread and Know
    nothing about the facts.
    Who pays you for this lying propaganda???We have privatized health care
    Bill, not public.until the age of 62 … Don’t put it on the Government!
    An Aspirin is a long ways from pharmaceutical drugs in which we are
    priced gouged !!!!
    Let’s eliminate everyone’s job Bill including yours to keep cost down!…
    Next time you want to drive on a public road, or have a public school job,
    post office job, or call a public firemen for help it will not
    exist,unless you can privately fund it.

    Get REAL BIll . WE don’t have Public health care like other industrialized
    countries who have far better health than we do at a much lower rate. .. We
    have over inflated private health care system taking us to cleaners.! How
    dumb does Americans get before , they turn off their televisions and start
    reading real facts

  22. They always ruin it with the “God Bless…” part.

    So much for the secular nation our founding fathers built. Even the
    “virtual president” takes part in this nonsense. Ugh…

  23. ,,.,.,

  24. President Whittle…

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