YOU ARE NOW LEAVING FAT CITYUlene’s common-sense approach to weight loss gains viewers’ favor.

“It’s one of the most exciting things I’ve ever done. It’s preventative medicine, a far cry from the operating room operating room
n. Abbr. OR
A room equipped for performing surgical operations. . I’m able to have an impact on many lives.”

It helps to have a network spot that an estimated 4.5 million people tune in to each weekday morning. Since Jan. 2, Ulene has presented his “Take It Off Today 1996” program on the morning show, espousing the benefits of simple exercise, low-fat eating and – yes – slower chewing.

The program is similar to “Keep It Off Today” which debuted last year to strong ratings, said NBC spokeswoman Alexandra Constantinople.

When Ulene’s 15-minute daily diet spots began a year ago, viewership jumped 2 percent from the previous quarter-hour, Constantinople said. An estimated 2.5 people per household – or 4.5 million – wanted to hear Ulene’s dietary tricks. Another 10,000 ordered videos of the series.

Already, 20,000 viewers have ordered video copies of Ulene’s 1996 program that was developed with the George Washington University George Washington University,

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