1. Thank you. I’m re-starting my yoga journey and it seems as soon as I start
    to get frustrated, that you say something that makes me smile and distract
    from what I’m feeling. 

  2. I looooove your videos Adriane .hugs’,!

  3. You are such a Cutie! Love the videos. hey, it is my BIRTHDAY and I will
    do this Yoga work out!! Love to you!!

  4. Nice video Adriene!I can t wait to practice it!!!!:)) 

  5. Thank you. Did this and I feel so relaxed. All your work is appreciated.

  6. Your videos have doubled my love for yoga as well as my own confidence.
    Thanks so much!

  7. Love it & thank you. I was looking forward to your new video (like all of
    them really) & you don’t disappoint. I’ve commented before but I don’t
    think I told you what an inspiration you’ve been to me. I’ve lost 60 lbs
    since last February. I started with walking then your yoga & recently
    (about 8 weeks ago) my daughter (who also does your videos & has liked you
    on FB) bought me graduated dumbbells & kettle bells & hired a trainer to
    comes to my home once a week. The difference in my life is incredible. So
    thank you so much. 

  8. Eeeep! A new video makes my day!

  9. loved it. as always, your videos are so grounding, i feel i could practice
    forever. I was present the whole time, my mind challenged, my body
    releasing and my soul… well, awake, I guess 🙂 thank you!

  10. Just did this tonight! Really loved it! I’m loving all of your videos! Your
    sleeping yoga video is the ONLY thing that helps with my insomnia! You are
    literally a life saver, you will never know how much you helped! (: Emily

  11. I’ll watch this later….I have to go to bed zzzz

  12. love this! I’m so glad I stumbled across your channel

  13. I literally adore you, i’m completely new to yoga and have been doing allot
    of your vidoes and I enjoy every practise! it has helped me so much with
    many aspects of my life, and you as a person inspire me to live with
    happiness and ease, never stop! x x x

  14. I REALLY enjoyed this workout, as I do all of your videos. I think you’re
    the perfect instructor. Not too perky that it makes me wanna barf, and not
    too serious that it distracts me from my practice.. I always feel so in
    tune with my body when I’m done your vids! (: Keep it up and glad to see
    you’ve recovered from that period of voiceless-ness

  15. And yet ANOTHER winner!!!! Thank you!!! xo

  16. Wonderful channel!

  17. Awesome! I also love that you don’t use music! Thanks

  18. So happy to see a new video from you!!! thanks for that 🙂 

  19. You’re the best!

  20. Great video!

  21. Hi Adriene! I love your long flows and thanks to you i’m growing a huge
    love for yoga! Keep going! You are so nice and teach in a wonderful way!

  22. Adrienne, thank you so much for this practice. It is just what I needed to
    relax after a long work day. My body is thanking me too. Namaste~

  23. Just woke my my husband up and insisted on yoga, what a great place to
    start! I appreciate the excellent form and the careful emphasis on
    personalizing your practice. You are such a good teacher!

  24. Awesome, thanks Adriene! 

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