Xertube Resistance Band Review

by Danny Rodgers
(San Diego, California, USA)

The Xertube Resistance Band is one of the top fitness item sellers at Amazon and it’s easy to see why. It’s an inexpensive workout in a rubber tube and it can go anywhere you go.

How Does It Work?

It might look like a jump rope but it’s not. It’s a durable rubber tube with secure handles.

The way it works is to simply add resistance every time you pull on it. For example, hold the handles and stand on the tube in the middle.

Pull up in a bicep curl, bending at the elbows. It offers resistance as you slowly pull it up and you add resistance as you slowly lower it.

The Xertube Resistance Band is not just for your arms though, it can give you a total body workout including your back, chest, abs, and legs. It comes with a door attachment that allows you to do even more exercises.

You can also rope it around a sturdy furniture leg. The 2 exercise charts that are packaged with it give illustrations of the different exercises.

You need to wear shoes when using the band as you need to stand on it and pull up. This would hurt your bare feet. Plus you’ll want to put your feet in the handles to do some of the leg exercises, and shoes will give you protection and support.

The Benefits Of Using The Xertube Resistance Band

Perhaps one of the best features of the resistance band is it’s portability. You can take it along on trips because it takes up very little room in a suitcase.

Granted, it does take some discipline to pull it out and use it when on vacation, but working out with it doesn’t have to take up a lot of your time. In addition, anyone in the family can take turns using the one band.

The Xertube Resistance Band is a great alternative to hitting the gym every day. I conveniently use mine while watching TV and even while listening to a podcast on my iPod.

It’s also nice to have one of these at home if you don’t have a lot of room or don’t want to clutter your place with a lot of free weights. Plus it’s a lot less expensive than buying a set of free weights.

This product is a nifty resistance tube that allows you to tone your body wherever you are. It’s simple – rubber tubing with handles – yet gives you resistance workouts that will make your muscles quiver.

It’s also very portable and easy to use and that makes you want to use it often, which is a good thing!

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Updated: December 21, 2013 — 9:22 pm

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