1. +1 Corrina!!!

    Starring – Super Nutrition Hero -“Corrina Rachel”
    Witness as Corrina Rachel Battles it out with the Evil Villian – TOXIC

    And then Gives you Alternatives !

    Go Corrina GO!!

  2. so is MiO Liquid Water Enhancer
    good to add in water bottles ?

  3. MSG diluted by 2% becomes an artificial flavor and that’s all I think about
    when I read that “other natural ingredients “on the label . 

  4. Nice that you included Kombucha as a good alternative. It’s been a
    favorite of mine for about 4 years now. I now make my own! mmmm mmmmmmmm!

  5. Ive never had kambucha 🙁 i dont think its available where i live but i
    will look more 

  6. Obama agency rules Pepsi use of cells derived from aborted fetus ‘ordinary

  7. I wonder who ended up actually drinking all those bad beverages after you
    shot this video lol

  8. None of this is surprising. Coconut sugar is also a low glycemic sugar
    which doesn’t wreak havoc with the pancreas the way other sugars do.

  9. ThisIsNotPictureTube

    how about drinking straight out of the coconut? same as the coconut water?

  10. Same question as MikeAvenger08.. Is Naked juice healthy?

  11. The rasberry Arizona tea is the worst tea in sugar, I think it’s about
    22-23 grams in sugar per serving!

  12. Most people would not consume these drinks if they don’t taste like syrup.
    It is not industry’s fault that people don’t like the taste of water(clean
    water has not taste!). You get s-h-i-t because that’s what you like.

  13. I love Snapple, I’m drinking peach right now too. I knew before that it
    wasn’t exactly good for you but with the kosher label I’m kind of hoping
    that they use non GMO sugar.

  14. Synergy, is delicious. But expansive, $3-$4 per bottle. And that’s
    expressive for me. Kvas is very delicious, also fermented drink drank in
    Russia Ukraine.

  15. On the subject of GMOs, a lot of our fruits and vegetables are grown
    outside of the united states, and a lot of those “foreign” fruits and
    vegetables are used in even the genuinely healthy foods and drinks. How do
    we know that fruits grown in, for example, Chile, are not GMO? Do we have
    to do legal research for every single possible country from which our
    fruits might originate?

    Help!!! :)

  16. I want to try kamboocha 

  17. Can you do a video on organic produce vs conventional produce vs GMO

    I find that some of the produce I buy are conventionally grown. Is
    conventional produce bad eat?

  18. Corrina u rock!!! love all the info ..all the time

  19. Wow, I drink The Arizona, Poweraid, and Mountain Dew which is loaded with
    caffeine!! I mostly drink powered tea with sugar. Figures that I drink all
    the drinks with HFCS. I do like water with a slice or 2 of lime… I think
    that’s good!

  20. You are so smart 

  21. I love * Weight loss grean store tea. I generally loose 5 pounds after
    about 3 days when using. After seein my ——-****= change, my
    sister ordered for herself from weightloss greenstore

  22. Ugh I don’t know why I tried watching another of these patronizing, useless
    videos. You could have said “Look at the labels, don’t drink if there is
    more than 25g of sugar in the bottle or if there is high fructose con
    syrup.” You could have then gone on to say something useful and interesting
    not vapid or spiteful. For example, you could have explained how the body
    uses sugar, why sugar is a good thing for our bodies, why it is a bad thing
    for our bodies, how and why it is converted into fat… Also, just because
    a compound has “brominated” in it doesn’t mean it is the same compound as
    another with the word “brominated.” Brominated vegetable oil would make a
    horrible flame retardant. Finally, I think you fail to recognize the power
    of convenience in peoples’ lives. For the Arizona iced tea, you could have
    recognized–if you weren’t a self-absorbed pedant–that people probably
    drink it because it’s cheap and easy to grab on the go. Why not, then, do a
    price comparison cup-by-cup with the tea you bought, and make a detailed
    plan for how to make loose tea into ICED tea, then suggest people can bring
    it in a Thermos or Nalgene bottle ? If you’re going to be patronizing, at
    least walk people through the process that they can directly apply to
    better themselves. Don’t just be up on your high horse spitting your
    factoids with an apparent slant/bias. Maybe you should take an organic
    chemistry class? Actually educate yourself? 

  23. I used to drink Arizona green tea:(

  24. I think she is a good host. Very real.

  25. Excellent work!

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