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The 24-Day Challenge Companion Workout DVD The Can You 24 DVD features seven workouts as part of the Total Body Fitness System. This two-disc set is the perfect companion to the

Pole Fitness: Strength and Toning DVD Workout Notes Welcome to Strength & Toning on your dance pole! In my DVD, I promised to supply you with several different options for structuring a strength workout on your

The workouts are led by AdovoCare Distributors – real people who have seen real results by using AdvoCare products. The four coaches and seven additional participants featured in the

For additional workouts and product accessories visit us online at www.TotalGymCatalog.com. All workout cards can be found in the Total Gym Training Deckat www.TotalGymCatalog.com. Title: TGWorkouts Created Date:

P90X Extreme Home Workout Written by Bob Munro Monday, 08 June 2009 20:30 P90X has been on the market for a few years now, gathering momentum and devoted followers

Cardio Sculpt: Great for those with limited time for workouts. Dynamic and intense. Lite weights, programs such as the Insanity and P90X DVD series, this class challenges even the most conditioned participant. Format includes 5-7 exercises (elements)

Pillar #4 Resistance & Flexibility!! For resistance, I usually follow the P90X-2 DVDs. I really like the P90X-2 workouts, because they workout

Core workouts through home videos, personal trainers, and health care professionals. Core strengthening provides Like insanity Or P90x These at-home workout DVD series have revolutionized home fitness. All you need is a DVD player, a few basic

As P90X, Insanity and CrossFit. While I gener-ally feel that participating in any exercise the DVD sets which include exercise workouts and meal plans. They even offer supplements and gear to go along with the program.

The lov-a-lee Tar-jay, I stopped over at the workout DVD section. I asked my girlfriend Ann which she 10 DVD: $9 Yay for good health!! What's your favorite workout DVD?

However, the plus side is that she’s totally not annoying like some other workout DVD instructors. The warm-up The warm up felt like a cool down to

A great time to try out a few of my new workout DVD's. First up the Jillian Michaels Nolately? Do you even like working out to DVD's? I really loved doing the

This isn't quite enough" but it's the kind of workout where you tailor it to your own needsvideo. Working hard. It will be a great DVD to throw in my suitcase and take to Florida with

You could just do your triceps after finishing a different workout. Lots of options for using this dvd! And Jillian is nice enough to remind us that we want our

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