Workout Series: Workout Routines for Women

The workout routines for women do not necessarily have to differ with those of men, except in a situation where the woman is pregnant. The women can do the same cardio exercises and get results just like men do. At the same time, the women can also work on the same muscle groups as those of men and again get results. The only difference comes in with the fitness goals of men and women. Most women want to burn fat, lose weight and possibly have subdued muscle definition while a majority of men want to gain muscle mass and generally bulk up. Before we go further, it is important for every person to consult a doctor before starting on any workout routine to ensure that the body is physically ready to commence the exercising.

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The belief that lifting weights will make the woman become bulky is not true, and hence having solid strength training that can be performed at least two times a week will make a woman gain muscle definition and enhance and protect that feminine figure. Strength training can help a lot in weight lose, and hence achieving one of your goals. Cardio exercise will help burn calories. The weight lifting training should be done with a 48 hour allowance within each session, working all the body’s major muscles during each session. Some of the suggested workout routines include lower body and legs, the buttocks, the Abs, easy or moderate, hard-core abs like three sets bicep curls, three sets triceps push downs, three sets lat pull downs and three sets dumb bell lateral raises, among others. Now it is important to remember that before doing any strength training exercise, one needs to warm up and cool down. This includes stretching of all muscles that are intended to be exercised during the session.

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