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As a fitness person, I want to tell you that the workout your choose is critical to your success. I chose the P90x workout routine. It is hard, powerful and you see results in no time.

The workout challenges you and changes as time goes on. It is a good workout for you to lose weight, develop muscle mass, develop muscle striations and grow your confidence. It is can shave off 20 – 40 pounds in no time. This is what you want in your workout routine. You want to mix it up and keep your muscles confused. This is critical.

Muscles can easily become conditioned to what you are doing and lower their output. You need to mix it up and keep it fresh to challenge your body. I chose P90x, but you can easily choose another workout like Insanity to build your body and shape your core. As long as you choose a HARD workout that leaves you dripping in sweat, you are on the right track.

Any workout like those aerobics workouts from the 70s where people use spray on sweat, you should avoid. A good workout is one that puts stress on your heart and organs. A good workout forces you to confront yourself and push yourself to finish. I chose P90x because it did just that.

What do you need in a workout routine? Your big question is whether you want to lose weight. A workout like Insanity is perfect for the person who wants to lose weight. P90x is better for a person who wants to build muscle and look better. The choice is yours but I recommend not falling in love with any one workout too much.

Although both of these are muscle confusion workouts, you should still switch between multiple muscle confusion workouts. It is good for you and even better for your psychology. Never give your muscles a chance to adapt and overcome. That is what they were made for. A good set of workouts is pure gold.

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