Workout Program Receives Top 5-Star Rating from TopConsumerReviews.com

Overland Park, KS (PRWEB) April 04, 2012

TopConsumerReviews.com recently awarded their highest five-star rating to Changing Shape, an industry leader in workout programs.

“We’re excited to receive TopConsumerReviews.com’s highest rating,” said Matt Johnson, Owner of Changing Shape. “Our mission is to provide the highest degree of service and commitment while our members become healthier and increase the quality of their lives. Our exercise and weight loss programs are individually designed to be safe, private, effective, and affordable. No other workout program can provide the total package that we do. Thank you for recognizing our hard work!”

Personal trainers help people achieve the body they've always wanted through a variety of exercise and nutritional programs. However, personal trainers can be very expensive, costing hundreds or even thousands of dollars each year. Rather than hiring a local personal trainer, many people have turned to personalized workout programs from online companies. While the best of these programs are designed by personal trainers, they can vary greatly in customization and options.

“Changing Shape provides the best value in workout programs that we could find,” said Brian Dolezal, of TopConsumerReviews.com, LLC. “A great feature at Changing Shape is that you work one-on-one with a personal trainer who customizes your workout program, responds to your questions, and sets up weekly goals to keep you challenged. This level of personal attention is a wonderful value and a great way to reach your personal goals. With exceptional quality at an exceptional price, Changing Shape has earned our highest rating.”

To find out more about Changing Shape and other workout programs, including reviews and comparison rankings, please visit the Workout Programs category of TopConsumerReviews.com at http://www.topconsumerreviews.com/workout-programs/.

About Changing Shape

Founded in 2000, Changing Shape is an organization comprised of fitness professionals specializing in personalized exercise counseling and online weight loss programs. Our fitness team will provide you with a private and non-intimidating environment that includes encouragement, motivation, help, expertise, and personalized assistance.

About TopConsumerReviews.com

TopConsumerReviews.com, LLC is a leading provider of independent reviews and rankings of hundreds of consumer products and services. From acne treatments and contact lenses, to faucets and medical alert systems, TopConsumerReviews.com delivers in-depth product evaluations in order to make purchasing decisions easier.

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