1. womensworkoutchannel

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  2. Niceeeee body ilove

  3. Nice video! Great Body!!

  4. who is the girl in the blue shorts?

  5. The best vídeo!

  6. Carlos Adrian Enríquez

    ay pero que sabrosaaa

  7. the lady in red is a goddess

  8. womensworkoutchannel

    Michelle Lewin

  9. very sexy

  10. these women are in better shape than me, i assure you

  11. Great!

  12. damn makes me almost wanna go workout……..red is the best

  13. 7 people are GAY becouse they dislike it!

  14. Chelsey Novak is amazing (1:39). Such a perfect and tight little package.

  15. Excelente

  16. All of them beautiful hard working ladies…..whew!!!

  17. I want to join in that GYM

  18. Michelle Lewin by far the best!

  19. White shorts

  20. Michelle Lewin is perfection!!! More vids w her!

  21. michelle lewin *LOVE STRUCK*

  22. 0.58 what is her name and how do I find out more about her !!!

  23. hot GYM !!

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