Work Your Legs to Grow Your Upper Body

by Danny Rodgers
(California, USA)

I don’t know many people who work out on a regular basis that don’t enjoy having a well formed upper body. As a matter of fact, the majority of men will spend most of their time working on their arms and chest as well as the back muscles in order to get as large and defined as possible.

The unfortunate thing about this is that many of them are leaving a lot of the muscle growth that they could be experiencing out of the picture, simply because they are not working their body in the proper way.

If you’re trying to grow a naturally defined upper body, you cannot neglect working the other areas of your body, such as your legs and a core muscles.

As a matter of fact, most people tend to hit a plateau and they work for many months just for minor gains whenever they could be gaining every week if they were just working out their lower body regularly.

This is a weight lifting secret that most people do not understand and it is one of the best ways for you to grow unnaturally strong and defined body. Why is that the case?

The body loves to be in balance and if you’re working on your upper body and not working any other part of your body, you are not hardly fostering any balance within it, are you? In order for your upper body to grow, it expects your lower body to be worked out and just as hard.

I’m not saying that you cannot see gains in your upper body without working out your lower body muscles but I am saying that you will not see as much in the way of muscle growth if you neglect the larger muscles of your body.

Much of the strength that we have comes from the core of the body and if we are neglecting these muscles, we are going to be neglecting a lot of strength that we could be gaining. That is why it is important to work the core as well as the lower legs and upper body.

Make sure that you maintain a balance regardless of what it is that you are doing. If you keep your body in balance, you will give it the opportunity to be as healthy as possible. This will, in turn, give you the chance to put on some additional muscle mass.

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Updated: October 18, 2013 — 4:33 am

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