1. Thank you for this wonderful video. I found it pretty challenging. I’ll
    definitely do this video again, as well as check out your other videos!

  2. this was very fast pace icould barely keep up

  3. Yogea ArtFlow Yoga

    Thanks for your encouraging words. This video is especially designed to
    address women’s health. Thank you!

  4. Yogea ArtFlow Yoga

    Thanks for the feedback. We will be doing more of these targeted routines
    at a slower pace and a beginner’s level.

  5. great video, but again I also found the fast pace to be disorienting.

  6. Merci,merci et merci : toutes vos vidéos sont merveilleuses à
    regarder,facile à suivre.

  7. slow pace down, and maybe pick volume level up, might help. it was very
    hard to follow when i was not looking at the screen and when I was I was
    trying to figure out what the pose called for, but it was my first time so
    I’ll try it again

  8. Yogea ArtFlow Yoga

    Thank you for sharing your experience. Try some of our most recently posted
    sequences which are much slower in pace and will allow you to hold the
    poses much longer. Keep up the practice!

  9. Yogea ArtFlow Yoga

    Thanks for commenting. This particular sequence was designed to flow
    faster, but you can try some of our most recently posted detox videos where
    the pace is much slower and the commentary provides space for assuming and
    holding each pose. Keep on practicing, and stay tuned for more slower paced
    targeted routines.

  10. Yogea ArtFlow Yoga

    Thank you for your feed back. Try some of the slower most recently posted
    routines and will allow you to focus in each pose longer and savor its
    static dynamism. This particular sequence was intentionally faster and
    conducted in a flow-paced fashion, but once you get used to the slower ones
    and you get in tune with this style of transitioning, you can retry this
    one again. More great sequences to come. Stay tuned!

  11. Many thanks! I enjoy exercising by following this video immensly. Namaste!

  12. I’ve never done this type of yoga before (and I’ve been doing yoga for 6
    years). What is it called? I think I’ve seen Shiva Rea doing a similar
    type…puts the prana into action, for sure. For those feeling the pace is
    too fast…I think try doing it a few times and you’ll get into it. It’s

  13. I really like this sequence, but it was very hard to follow at first, the
    narration is slower than the demonstrator, so it was a little offputting
    trying it for the first time, but overall it was really great.

  14. Very hard to follow. Need to be reedited. Narrator talks faster than poses
    are done.

  15. aquamarine lkndili

    hard to follow specialy for a bigginer like me.. but yeah its interesting i
    still wanted to learn this video.. but pls can u try to slow it down..

  16. Thanks for yoga flow that I can do whilst menstrual flow and to celebrate
    the natural rhythms, rather than negating, ‘hiding’ or resisting them
    namaste – many thanks <3

  17. Hi! Thanks for the comment. It’s great that you can practice during your
    period. It is very powerful as this is the time when women can really
    celebrate their femininity and honer the lunar flow. We will be posting
    some menstrual cramps alleviating techniques and very soon a new Women’s
    health routine. So stay tuned and keep on practicing.

  18. Hi Claire, we have just uploaded a Yogea practice especially designed to
    alleviate menstrual cramps. It is called “Alleviate & Purify”. We hope you
    find it helpful. Namaste!

  19. This is a very unsettling routine. It does not leave me feeling balanced
    and relieved. I like a lot of the poses, But the narration makes them
    difficult to follow without watching the screen and even still the
    transitions feel too sudden. A many times I would look up and be lost as to
    how you got into a pose. The constant readjusting really interrupted the
    continuity of this great flow of poses. I’m for the quick flow, But perhaps
    a more guidance would help this be more accessible to all.

  20. Thank you for sharing your view. This particular spins in four corners and
    it is sometimes hard to follow when you are with your back to the video.
    Because it is high paced, the cuing sometimes doesn’t overlap, and if you
    like some poses, you can pause and get into them and then go back to the
    flow, Our new sequences have a narration that is more synched with the
    moves. You can check out our latest practices, which are again flow based,
    but with better cuing, Namaste

  21. The directions are awful. I have been doing yoga since childhood, and found
    this impossible to follow.

  22. I love all your routines and specially this one. Thanks so much for
    sharing them with us!

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