Women’s Health Network Introduces New Name, More Experts and Enhanced Services

Portland, ME (PRWEB) December 13, 2013


Women's Health Network signaled a new direction by recently introducing its new name, new website (http://www.womenshealthnetwork.com) and dynamic new team of women’s health experts.

Formerly known as Women to Women’s Personal Program, this highly popular website has helped millions of women find the best, most effective solutions to their most common health concerns for more than 12 years. As Women’s Health Network, it will continue that work, now with an improved focus on helping women find and maintain health and happiness for life.

“This is so much more than a name change,” says Meaghan Woodsome, director of Women’s Health Network (WHN). “Women are telling us that they are increasingly stressed and unhappy–in fact, more than 70 percent say they are stressed ‘almost all the time’ and are trying to change their lives. Their unhappiness is growing every year, and they know they can’t be happy without restoring their health.”

“Furthermore, women are not getting their needs met by conventional medicine,” Woodsome continues. “As women, we feel this is simply wrong, especially when the majority of women we speak with are eager to take responsibility for their wellbeing—they simply need help taking control of their health. Conventional medicine assumes women can’t change their lives. We know they can, and Women's Health Network is here to offer women alternatives and support.”

In addition to providing the same rich resource of free health information and tools, as well as its unparalleled quality supplements formulated using the latest science, under its new name, Women’s Health Network will continue to leverage the largest database on women’s health in America, with more than eight million unique women using the site’s free tools to track their health symptoms.

The new medical team consists of nationally known experts who are still in clinical practice—M.D.s, Ph.D.s, N.P.s and N.D.s—and combine alternative and conventional approaches in ways they have proven to be effective with thousands of patients. “This is real-world expertise from people who care about changing women’s health,” said Woodsome. “They are physicians in the truest sense–healers who care about their patients.”

The site also offers women a number of ways to access the information they need and advice they seek. First, visitors to the site may fill out a free online profile that gives them a baseline understanding of their health status, including symptoms. Readers are then able to access any of the free services and tools on the site to determine which proven steps they’ll choose to take in order to begin immediately improving their health and well being.

Women also can subscribe to a bi-weekly WHN newsletter called Insight that offers engaging, easy-to-read, up-to-date articles. Insight is packed with information, including the new Wellness Corner blog that pinpoints specific and timely problems and offers user-friendly solutions that readers can put into action right away. Hundreds of thousands of women take advantage of these free services each week.

The new website also features community forums where women can interact in a number of ways. From swapping healthy recipes to hearing from one of the Wellness Coaches on the easiest ways to maintain health, these forums allow women to connect with other likeminded women to discuss the issues most important to them. Visitors to the community section of the new site also have access to the site’s popular blogs, enjoyed by more than 250,000 readers.

Women's Health Network also provides a Contact Center that women can call to ask questions and find support for their top health concerns, ranging from menopause symptoms and alleviating stress to discovering Women’s Health Network’s popular and proven approach to losing weight. The site also offers safe, effective natural products designed to help relieve symptoms, improve health and maintain wellbeing. All based on the latest scientific and clinical evidence, these products include nutritional supplements and herbal formulations that are manufactured and batch-tested in certified laboratories to the same high standards as prescription drugs.

Women’s Health Network experts who author content for the site are trained in both conventional and alternative medicine modalities and provide in-depth advice and insights for readers of all ages. Areas of special expertise include:

  • Perimenopause, menopause, and hormonal imbalances and the symptoms they cause. Women’s Health Network offers an exclusive natural solution for symptoms so women feel better quickly, with results that last.
  • Adrenal fatigue and related imbalances, stress symptoms and chronic fatigue. The company offers a suite of formulations to address and relieve a wide spectrum of adrenal and stress symptoms.
  • Thyroid imbalances (low or sluggish thyroid, subclinical hypothyroid issues) and the disturbing set of symptoms they can cause, including hair loss and unusual changes to body weight and shape
  • PMS and menstruation and the monthly symptoms that disrupt the lives of women everywhere.
  • Weight loss and weight loss resistance—a groundbreaking approach to identifying a user's best weight using natural supplements and an exclusive eating and lifestyle plan that they can really live with.
  • Bone health and osteoporosis with a program created and structured by one of the world’s leading experts in natural bone health. This approach addresses head on the factors that can interfere with optimal bone health.

“We have found that women truly want to be healthy and happy,” explained Ms. Woodsome. “Unfortunately, because of demands from families and careers, most are far away from that goal. The newly launched Women's Health Network is dedicated to helping our readers and customers attain the goal of better health and more happiness at their own pace, whether they start when they’re 25 or 85.”

About Women's Health Network

For more than 12 years, Women’s Health Network has worked to help women take control of their health, bringing leading practitioners together in a forum now used by millions of women every year. Combining alternative and conventional medicine approaches with real-world experience, the Women's Health Network experts cover every aspect of women’s health and offer wisdom and experience in simple, easy-to-understand terms. The website is a rich resource of information and free tools and offers a shop full of proprietary formulas based on the latest science, manufactured to pharmaceutical standards and fully guaranteed.

For more information or to schedule an interview a representative from Women's Health Network, contact Ann Ewing, Ewing Communications, aewing62(at)gmail(dot)com or 615-419-3753.

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