1. Oh God! Sex!

  2. Onward Christian soldiers…

  3. I can’t believe these people were elected into office.

  4. What a bunch of spineless losers.They can go to hell.

  5. and women will still vote for GOP candidates. it’s insane.

  6. Fucking morons.

  7. Yeah! It’s Vagina Friday!

    And now, let’s learn the truth about women!


  8. Why are they allowed to make laws pertaining to a women’s body when these
    jackasses probably have never been near a woman’s body. They are not even
    qualified to look at a woman!

  9. And yet they think they are qualified to set policies about us gals

  10. *Women’s Health Minute from Idiots*

    Amazing health information about women from those who have no idea about it.

    Via +Joe Paris 

  11. Really, all you can say is; Good Lord, who listens these people?

  12. not too different from Taliban . shit happens(specially to women) when
    people who put religion above science rule the land

    Women’s Health Minute

  13. These men are so stupid, lol.

  14. What is wrong with these conservative morons. Seriously.

  15. FibroidsMiracleView

    Good video, but very fast hmmm……

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