1. Red Foreman and Ron Swanson in the same video, that can’t be safe.

  2. Red forman


  4. Oh, this was hilarious, xD!

  5. This was very funny.

  6. @simonprohax why’s that, he’s insane remember!

  7. @ninetails593 I am the president of China, and I’m quite bored, and done.
    BE GONE…

  8. @primal2k7 hahhahaa same with me!!

  9. @JAG82287 He’ll put his foot up your ass D:

  10. Judd freakin Nelson! This was great! lmao!

  11. “herp derp derp!! lolololz **name of only character I know actor as since I
    don’t know his real name.** lololz ” ~70% of people who posted comments

  12. this is so funny : D but kind of sad too… since it is true

  13. Imight not agree with the views of this video but its fucking hilarious

  14. David Olandersson

    I figure this is pretty much how the real arguments went.

  15. isnt that american president from Red Alert 2?

  16. Red Foreman and Ron Swanson. Better run for your life.

  17. “Boobies”…I’m practically a doctor..

  18. I hope Parks and Recreation continues on for a very long time.

  19. Khrystyne Heasley

    AHHHHHHH This is not even a joke! this is how they actually THINK!!!!
    AHHHHHHH I am going to go chop up a penis!!!!!!!

  20. Haha, robocop is a misogynist!

  21. How deliciously ironic, the advertisement in the end is for Billy Graham!!!!

  22. “Any woman who is angry about us making these decisions is probably just on
    their period. Gross.” LOL i love you, Ron Swanson!

  23. If you don’t trust them, red is gonna put his foot in your ass

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