1. Your makeup looks gorgeous. What colors are you wearing? Can you start
    putting that in your description box?

  2. Love the out takes so funny

  3. My hair salon sells young blood cosmetics!

  4. I have to laugh at a lot of beauty bloggers trying to pronounce the French
    names of products! At first I though it made them sound uneducated, but
    then I realized not many people in the USA see or hear French on a regular
    basis, i`m from Canada so I grew up hearing it. I was having bitchy
    thoughts, so I smacked myself and stopped! 😀

  5. LOVE the couch n chair color n style

  6. Definitely got the SAME EXACT BOX! Just a heads up, that lotion smells
    sooooo gross (Like major old people/nursing home magnolia/rose smelling) 🙁
    I was very upset because I got the Caldrea kind last month and it was
    fantastic – If you are looking for a super good smelling-clean/fresh
    lotion, I loved the Aloe Water Apricot!

  7. I dont like the unboxing videos…. its always cheap samples!

  8. love youuu

  9. Healthy? I just ate a cool ranch taco bell taco!!! LOL

  10. “Best of Leighannn moments!”….. do it!

  11. Actually, hair does age. As you get older, it slows down in production. So
    your hair would get much thinner, and stop growing long.

  12. Hahaha Why yes, I did enjoy your box 😉

  13. Love your make up in this video!! What lip color are you wearing? So

  14. instead of getting the magazine subscription, you can mail in the card with
    your receipt for paying for the birchbox, and they will send you $9.99
    instead. so basically making your birchbox one penny for the month. not a
    bad deal if you aren’t going to read that magazine.


  16. DRAW MY LIFE (your life …lol)

  17. Looking gorgeous Leighann, stay beautiful :]

  18. if you compare to the actual price of each item in the box, $10 is very
    cheap, but you will also got extra points on that website for next purchas.

  19. Maybe you can do a super ultimate favourites video for your 300th? 😀

  20. I don’t know very much about Birchbox but you said that you fill out a
    survey about yourself and then they base your box on that. I’m interested
    in all-natural products and am wanting to know if they ask questions about
    that to customize your box with them?

  21. laundry room.. everyones doing it XD

  22. I have been using qthe orange/yellow Weleda for 2 months now and my skin
    has been really soft and hasn’t been craving bodylotion after showering. I
    forgot which ingredient makes your skin addicted to bodylotion and cream
    but Weleda doesn’t use that.

  23. You. Are. Hilarious. 🙂

  24. Did you like the young blood mattyfyong

  25. Actually, she looks a lot more prettier without makeup on. She is the lucky
    one to look beautiful with it on and without it on.

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