1. The War on Women has begun and all women and men who respect women should
    share this video with friends and family. I have never been a political
    activist before this year. This is the year. This is the time to fight
    back. This is not the time to let Republicans set women’s rights back 40
    years. Republicans…WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?!?!? You defended women’s rights
    until you started listening to the right extremists.

  2. republican men are all idiots and racists not to mention drug abusers and
    draft dodging lazy cowards…….fat old and ugly……grossssssssssssssssss

  3. Liked and shared

  4. Woman and us Men that support them will not allow this war on woman to

  5. Ron Paul 2012 wake up zombiez

  6. Who think they know better because woman are not smart enough to decide
    anything on there own. They don’t seem to understand when the say no
    exceptions for rape or incest they are saying “If you are raped we will
    chain you to a gurney and force you to give birth to rapist baby with no
    say in the matter” WTF ?

  7. The way I see it they r wanting to abolish abortion. because of their own
    personal religious believes. Thats understandable, to use your power to
    push your own believes ahead(LOL) but thats not MY point MY POINT IS that
    if they take abortion away from women, your going to see OVERFLOWS of
    children in the adoption system, with no where to go because theirs not
    enough people to take care of them all SECOND You will see a rise in
    violence toward children from parents who resent having them(Casey.A?

  8. @nancypiper You are a brainwashed minion of some sociopathic but
    charismatic religious nutbar. You mince and fawn over men who despise you
    when you take that tack- Planned Parenthood is minimally about abortion-
    its primary mission is contraception so women aren’t chained to ten kids
    they can’t feed or care for properly! It’s about cancer screening! I
    avoided cancer because it was caught and excised in situ, but you would
    burden society with tens of thousands of very ill cancer cases? You ar

  9. Ron Paul is a right wing religion nut job. An Ayn Rand worshiper of
    unfettered greed. Libertarianism is ultimately an anarchic offshoot of the
    Marxist/ Socialist idealogy. The sound bites are great but the man is
    naive! And so anti contraception and abortion you could just vote in the
    Nazi Pope.

  10. The conservative hunger for authority over others is what the war on women
    really is about. The pending legislation in Arizona requiring women to get
    the permission of their employer before insurance can contraceptive pills
    prescribed for health reasons other than preventing pregnancy, and the wave
    of “sonogram” bills initiated by conservatives that mandate non-medical,
    trans-vaginal violation of women seeking pregnancy terminations are not an
    atack on government funded abortions.

  11. It’s a shame the speaker is drowned out by the background music all the way
    through it; – we could hear very little of what she said. That will make
    this effort significantly less effective. Please consider fixing that

  12. Does anyone else find it funny that these pigs went after eggs and produced
    a bunch of angry birds?

  13. Torshi DeJarnett
  14. Remember in November. Please share this widely.

  15. The content of this video is great! But please fix the sound on the
    narrative so we don’t strain to hear it.

  16. I am a young woman who is watching, and reject this idea that all woman
    share this one point of view. I am opposed to abortion, period, and
    government funded and mandated contraception.

  17. I therefore oppose Planned Parenthood; they provide cancer screenings and
    that is fantastic, but their vicious push for abortion at any time for any
    reason is disgusting. Abortion is bad for the child AND bad for women. The
    killing of innocent, unborn babies is wrong and disgusting, period,
    especially these days where the vast number of abortions are for
    sex-selection or to avoid delivering the child with simple retardations
    like Down Syndrome;

  18. but ALSO, abortion allows boyfriends to run away responsibility, sexually
    abusive fathers/molesters to hide their crime, adolescents to hide their
    trouble sex life from their parents, and number one: it puts the WOMAN
    through emotional and physical turmoil in aborting. If abortion were not an
    option, and a lifetime of child-support was the “penalty” for sleeping
    around, guys might grow up and be committed to their relationships. THAT is
    good for women.

  19. unborn fetuses* it’s not a baby, it’s a fetus, literally a parasite and
    still a part of the woman, so it’s HER choice what to do with it, not
    yours. dont like abortions? DON’T GET ONE.

  20. I refuse to let ANY man decide what I do with my body and sex life. Males
    are so ignorant about this issue because it never falls on their shoulders;
    they have absolutely NO clue what it would be like. You think any woman
    WANTS to have an abortion? NO. If you want to take away the choice and
    ability then you males freakin step up for once and raise those children-
    just see how that works out for you. But think of this- how would you feel
    as a dad if your daughter was raped and got pregnant…

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