1. Hello earth! Today I am calling out the +NcfitclubNet1975 to a SLALOM HOPS
    CHALLENGE! Let’s see if they are up for it! #bringit

  2. Eh, I did 5:10. If I had a camera, I would record it. It’s not that great,
    but I did bring it!

  3. Boom, bam, bing! That’s it! That’s all the boom, bam, bings you get today!
    Classic Tony Horton. Tony II (Lattimore) loves the bams!

  4. I will try for 30 minutes!!!!!! 

  5. Fat2Fit Body Transformation

    Come check out my new transformation channel, its fresh out the oven, and
    will be filled with delicious content in the coming weeks.

  6. Hey Tony! A big fan here!…Are you the one who upload all this videos?

  7. TheeDevilWearsPrada

    I dislike Cardio!! Lol. But Tony Horton makes it fun.

    I’ll be buying P90X3 this week! I’m going to do the Mass plan first and
    then Classic after and then I’ll post pics of my final results to

  8. Really?? Tony cant say The Winter Olympics??? The IOC should kiss the
    tootsies of Mr. Horton!!!

  9. Hello from Argentina; Tony you are one of the person that most inspire me.
    You are crazy but that is why I love you man! Keep posting stuff. 

  10. praisewiththestrings

    Hey Tony! Do you still work out at Santa Monica on Sunday mornings? I live
    in Pasadena and have always wanted to come to a workout!

  11. Yes! Another challenge! Going to try this one when I get home tonight!
    Bring it!

  12. hey Tony I was wondering if you had any ideas for workouts in small tight
    places like a bedroom. I have trouble doing many of the exercises. I can
    lay down but no room to put my arms out from side to side. I’d say
    stretching takes the biggest hit because of this. any ideas? maybe if this
    is a big enough issue with other people you could make a video to
    demonstrate some small space stretches and exercises. Thanks man

  13. And may the odds be ever in your favor!!!

  14. Tony me and my dad have been doing your p90x program for a couple weeks and
    it HURT !!!!! at first but im doing much better and I love your program and
    will probably do 2 and 3 after and thanks

  15. Would p90x3 definitely help me with the 2 mile run event? Or do I just need
    to go out and run? I’m currently in the army national guard and struggling
    with pt and height and weight and need help.

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