Why Your Weekend Routine Is Crucial To A Weight Loss Program

file6931276848375It is a fact that we put on more weight over the weekend than at any other time of the week. When you think about it this actually makes a lot of sense; it is at the weekend that we tend to drink more, we eat more takeaway and junk food and generally don’t feel as motivated or committed as we do at any other time.

Here we are going to look at some tips for keeping your weight loss program over the weekend period.

Most of us use Saturday or Sunday or even both to have a lie in. Those long commutes in the morning during the week mean that we are up a lot earlier than we would like so we spend the weekend catching up on those lost hours of sleep. However, this usually means that we miss breakfast so we end up eating a double sized meal around lunch time.

Breakfast is usually our lowest calorie meal of the day and a proper one should leave us feeling full through to lunch with just a small lunch to keep us going to dinner time. Ensuring that we eat breakfast and lunch at the weekend will mean that your body will still be getting the necessary intake but in a healthy manner.

Friday night is often a good night to let loose; no work the next day and you have just finished a difficult week so the temptation is there to have a few drinks with work colleagues. Wine and a light beer have the lowest calories in them (between 100 calories and 125 calories for an average one) so this is the best choice for after work drinks.

Bar food is another major calorie added with up to 1000 being added by just a few drinks and a bar meal. Aim for the healthy options on the menu even if your tipsy state is telling you otherwise – seafood and salad is a great choice.

The weekend is also for ordering food in or eating out. Why spend your time off cooking when this is what you do at night during the week anyway? Essentially a takeaway every now and again isn’t a problem. For sure it is full of calories but in actual fact rewarding yourself with a treat like this after a few weeks of staying on course if a great motivator and helps to keep a positive attitude. As long as it is not every weekend then you will be fine.

Keeping to your regime can be difficult at the weekend. Studies have shown time and time again that from Friday night to Sunday night we tend to eat and drink the most calories and therefore ruin our attempts at losing weight. For sure, have fun at the weekend but keep on top of what you are consuming and if you can reward yourself every 3 weeks or so then you will be well on your way to a successful aim of losing weight.

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