Why You Should Stop Stretching Before Physical Exercise

Everyone grew up stretching, it’s almost taboo not to stretch, in fear of pulling a muscle or ligament. But what if I was to tell you, stretching before physical activity is more likely to hurt you than to help you. You think im crazy right? Ok we will start weight lifters, have you ever stretched you arms real good before a work out and you felt a minor degree of fatigue in your arms? Well we’ve always associated that as a good thing because that means you stretched good, and stretching is good, well let’s stop that train right here and now.

What’s wrong
Ok muscle tissue rips very easily, stretching actually rips muscle tissue. And this is the stuff you could be using to push that bench press or that last mile. It’s much better for your work out to rip the tissue while doing it, rather before during a stretching session.

What’s right
Stretching as a whole should not be dismissed all together. It is a great way to rid yourself of soreness. Stretching out soreness will help your body recover those muscles much quicker. Stretching after workouts is a great cool down and since you don’t need to lift anymore, ripping more tissue is perfectly fine.

Now, I’m a runner by trade, and it is a real pain to just start running with cool muscles. It demoralizes your spirit and it makes your legs feel weak. So what is a good replacement for stretching that won’t weaken you for your workout? Well my friend that is when we utilize the warm up. Everyone knows about warm ups every sport has their own unique ones. Warming muscles and developing a faster blood flow is crucial before the workout or competition your about to partake.

So jog, exercise lightly, do what you think will warm those muscles, but do not under any circumstance stretch before your work out.

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