Why Should You Use A Family Practice EMR?

While health care is one of the most profitable industries today, it is also subject to increasing regulation and pressure. As the cost of acquiring medical treatment becomes more expensive, consumers are demanding for better and more efficient service. Yet, for many offices, better service can lead to higher costs – or so they thought.


With electronic medical records, the workflow of many health care settings has greatly improved. Now, creating, storing and retrieving patient records have become so much easier, and with the creation EHRs, it transmission has also become more cost effective. Because of the unique features it offers, the use of EMRs have led to increased productivity in many health care organizations, which in turn led to reduced expenditures and increased profitability.

With a family practice emr, patient interaction has become much simpler so every visit becomes pleasant for the whole family, but it does not compromise the completeness of the record being generated. Through a family practice emr, patient encounters are documented quickly, chart notes are completed with just a single click. While some physicians say that the use of an EMR required an extra few minutes before they can move on to their next patient, they were rewarded with a simpler schedule and a more legible patient record. Now, health care offices no longer need to hire a transcriptionist to do their notes, some family practice emr have voice recognition capability so that they can record their instructions directly to the patient’s files.  Also, because charts are electronic, pulling charts no longer requires other personnel – that’s another expense eliminated.

Most family practice emr have templates which can be used to alert people of urgent cases, or refer patients to other health care practitioners should the need arises. It documents all communication, from phone calls to emails, between people in the practice. It also routes the appropriate staff for followup so that patients deal only with the right people.

Some of the family practice emr features you should look for include the following:

1.     family practice patient education (for better patient care)

2.     tracking of immunization and health care reminders

3.     several templates for adult physical exam, follow up visit, well child exam, well baby exam, and many others

4.     comprehensive clinical database

5.     flu and allergy templates

6.     Billing and scheduling software

7.     decision support

The best way to choose an EMR is of course to test it. Most vendors of family practice emr will allow demo for all types of health care providers so its best contact the vendor of your choice and schedule an appointment. This way, you can see immediately if the software that they offer is right for your practice! For more information visit to our site at http://www.acrendo.com

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