Why Should You Stop Smoking for Good?

file0001657419726Why should you stop smoking for good?….have you thought about quitting smoking? Is there something that is stopping you or perhaps not motivating you enough to quit smoking?. Smoking cigarettes will affect both your body and life and will cause very serious consequences. Smoking has been one of the leading causes of lung cancer, so there is something you should really think about.

Many of the effects of smoking take affect over the course of time rather than overnight. If you smoke today, you will not see changes in your body tomorrow. However, overtime, as you smoke every day, there will be tons of changes taking place in your body. Your lungs aren’t the only organs that are affected with your bad smoking habit. As the mineral content in your body slowly decreases, your bones will become incredibly weak. Women who tend to smoke often have been known to develop osteoporosis, which is caused through depleting bone mass.

As mentioned before, many of these effects occur over the long-term, so by the time you notice health complications, it would have been too late to help yourself. If you are a regular smoker, it would greatly reduce blood flow and circulation in the body. When your organs don’t get enough blood for every day functions, they need to work harder to perform the same tasks. With daily smoking habits, your organs will be getting weaker and weaker, which could eventually cause erectile dysfunction in males.

Lung cancer is one of the major organs in your body, right next to the heart. When smoking affects such an important organ in your body, can you really expect to be well for your entire life? Once lung cancer kicks in, your daily activities will be diminished greatly. You won’t be able to do the things you once did and working would certainly be limited. Even before you develop lung cancer, smoking will cause a significant amount of slowdown in your everyday tasks. If you were once able to run a one hundred metre race with no problem, then smoking would easily get your tired after that same run.

Apart from the health issues, think about how much of your hard earned money has gone down the drain for literally killing yourself over the years. When you purchase cigarettes to smoke, you are essentially helping yourself develop major health complications. For women, this can be a serious issue, especially when the time comes to having a child. If you do insist on smoking why not try an electronic cigarette?, you get all the taste of smoking, but without all the harmful smoke!.

It is completely wrong to be smoking when a woman is pregnant and I have seen several women smoke while they were. This does affect the baby and could lead to health issues for the baby as well, so at least try to save one life if you can.

Hopefully, what we have talked about will give you an idea of how bad smoking can turn out to be. It is never too late to quit smoking, so take action today and stop smoking for good!.

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Updated: November 22, 2015 — 12:36 am

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