Why should I drink protein shakes?

Experts suggest one gram of protein per pound of body weight each day. Drinking protein shakes is one way to achieve this. There are many possible health benefits to protein shakes.

Weight Loss

Consuming protein makes you feel satisfied longer, which means you’re likely to consume fewer calories overall. Protein shake producers claim that they reduce your weight by 4 to 6 pounds a month.

Weight Gain

Drinking protein shakes is healthier than eating fatty foods, sweets or carbohydrates to add calories. The weight gain from shakes is more gradual, however, which makes it easier to monitor.

Building Muscle

A diet balanced with adequate protein and carbohydrates can help build your muscle mass. In fact, it is impossible for the body to build muscle without protein. Drinking a protein shake right after a workout allows muscles to rebuild and repair themselves.

Increase Energy

Protein shakes usually contain fiber, which promotes healthy digestion of nutrients. This helps provide energy for exercise.

Improve Sports Performance

Protein enhances endurance during performance. It also also promotes better recovery after training.

General Nutrition

Protein shakes provide iron, which helps strengthen the red blood cells in a person’s circulatory system, so they can deliver more oxygen to the body. This helps increase the body’s overall endurance.


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