Why Not Take A Healing Sitz Bath

by Eva Martinez
(San Antonio, Texas, USA)

Sitting down is fast becoming a modern way to get just a little healthier, the reason for this is not that it will allow people to feel comfortable and take the weight off their feet.

When someone takes a sitz bath it is not the usual position that you would normally adopt to take a bath, you don’t lie back or lounge around, you sit making sure the blood flow circulate better and that tired feeling is relieved bringing about a better balance of the body.

For a healing sitz bath, this is something which can be both relaxing and removes the stress in your life; you will go and sit in your bath which should be filled with some hot water – not burning hot but hot water and just sit with your legs and bottom soaked which should heal them.

There are many who recommend this including alternative medicine advisors as well as medical doctors, this is a great treatment for anyone to use for many medical situations including hemorrhoids, giving birth, fissures and genital fissures.

These sitz baths are even used in hospitals and really have been something which started there and moved on to the home place also.

You need to prepare the equipment for your sitz bath, which will mean that you need to acquire things such as hot water from the tap, towels, some blankets. Also get a very large shallow plastic container with Epsom salt.

If you dip in the right place then it will be more effective; buy a bowl if you don’t actually have one then go out and buy a bowl. Try to make sure the bowl you use is around eight inches deep or more and when you sit in the bowl make sure that the water doesn’t cover your legs just soak the bottom. Put this bowl into the bath and then get some towels and make sure that if anything does spill over then the towels will catch that.

Fill in; the bowl should now be filled with water and make sure that the bowl is only one third of the way full. The water should not be burning hot but warm so be careful before you jump in, if your hand is able to stand the heat then the water should be fine for the rest of you however if you can’t stand the heat then it is too hot. If the temperature is fine then take your Epsom salt and then add to the water though check with your doctor first about using the Epsom salt but if he says its fine then stir in the salt with the water and make sure that it has completely dissolved.

Blankets and towels; what to do is to sit in your bath and wait there for around ten minutes but no longer than twenty minutes. Stay in the bath until the water starts to get cold but don’t worry about any water spilling out onto the floor because the blankets or your towels will stop any water getting onto the floor; you should stay in the bath until you feel relaxed and better. However, if you find that your sitz bath doesn’t work after a few times of doing this then it would be best to go onto talking over your problems with your doctor.

A sitz bath is very simple and really it has been a very successful tool that anyone can use to remove any ailments. Buy the things that you need for your sitz bath and go and enjoy the bath.

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Updated: October 30, 2012 — 5:52 pm

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