Why Females Love Flower Tattoos

by Danny Rodgers
(California, USA)

Why females love flower tattoos….for many girls that are looking to get tattoos design tips, flowers are always a very popular option. The reason for this is that a person can get a flower in just about any size, so if a girl would prefer to have a bigger tattoo she can still get a flower just as she would if she wanted a smaller tattoo.

Flowers are fairly versatile. Another reason why girls like flower tattoos is that they are very feminine. A girly girl would most likely want to get her favorite flower tattooed to her. There are also a lot of different flowers that a person can choose from to get and it can be an easy way for a girl to add color to her tattoo because many flowers are quite colorful and beautiful.

A lot of girls will have a favorite flower that they just love for any number of reasons and therefore may look to get flower tattoos as some sort of personal representation. This can be a discrete reminder for a person of another person without expressly denoting that person’s name of anything else. Many times a person will associate a flower with another individual and this way the person who gets that flower tattoo can also have a reminder of the sentimental reason as to why they like that tattoo as a permanent facet of their body.

Some people will get a semi-permanent flower tattoo because they just like the way it looks and would not mind having a picture of a flower on some part of their body for a long time. Flowers are really beautiful and if a person has a favorite flower it can be a really pretty and nice tattoo for this individual to get.

Sometimes a person can get the flower tattooed on them that they had at their wedding this can be a really cool way to pay tribute to a significant other and also one of the biggest days in a person’s life.

Flowers can also be made really frilly and pretty and many girls want this as a tattoo. Many tattoo artists will, upon the person’s request, add glitter to flower tattoos which can look really nice and cool.

A tattoo is a personal thing and people will choose whatever tattoo they eventually end up getting for a number of different reasons, which will probably be different for just about any person. Flower tattoos are really fun and there are so many different options within the different kinds of flowers that a person can choose from.

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Updated: December 5, 2012 — 12:53 pm

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