Why Bodybuilding?

Many people want to know the reasons behind bodybuilding. What is the purpose of it? Why would a person want to build their body? We have asked many people this same question.

We were knocked off our feet as we found out many people in the gym are all there for many different reasons. You have many different types of people in the gym, you have different age groups, and different body builds.

They each have a meaning to the subject bodybuilding when asked. They each will begin to tell you their story and why they are in the gym. Many do it for hobby and fun, while others will do it for a reason beyond fun. We found out they all have a different reason of being at a gym.

Ask someone in your gym why they workout. You too will find out you get many multiple answers to this exact question.

So ask yourself; “Why am I bodybuilding?” What is your reason to change your appearance? Ask yourself these questions and you may become more motivated to workout after you find out your own reason behind it.

– Health reasons

– Wanting a change

– Personal want

– Attention

– Ego boost

– Impress the opposite sex

– Self confidence

– Summer (time to get the swimsuits out)

– Wanting to be strong

– Training to be physically better in a sport

– Hobby/Fun

– Competition

– Sport

Why do you want to build your body? After looking through these, you may change your outlook on your workout. You may quit all together, may keep your same routine, or just maybe you might actually up your goals.

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