Which Fruits and Vegetables are Off Limits On My Low Carb Diet?

by Babs ‘O’ Reilly
(Miami Beach, Florida, USA)

Low carb diets can be hard to navigate, and it can be particularly hard when you’re trying to figure out which fruits vegetables to eat and which to ignore.

There was probably a time in your life when you thought all fruits and vegetables were good for you, but if you’re going low carb, that is no longer the case.

Some fruits and vegetables, according to low carb diet experts, just aren’t as good for you as others, and as a result, they should be avoided wherever possible.

Keep in mind, though, that low carb diets do vary, and what may be a bad idea with one low carb diet plan may be a fine idea with another.

For the most part, fruits and vegetables are an allowable part of any low carb diet, but there are several that rank quite high on the glycemic index, and for many low carb dieters, this can cause the sirens to go off.

The glycemic index helps to rank foods with regard to the insulin reaction your body produces after you eat them.

As a result, most low carb diets will divide the fruits and vegetables you are used to eating into acceptable, moderately acceptable, and unacceptable. Unacceptable choices are those you should avoid at all costs during your low carb diet.

Moderately acceptable fruits and vegetables should be avoided during the first part of your diet, but you can add them back in with a measure of reason as you begin to approach your weight loss goals. Remember to check with your specific diet plan for the final list of these foods.

Moderately acceptable fruits and vegetables include bananas, pineapples, raisins, new potatoes and split peas, particularly when prepared in a product like split pea soup.

Unacceptable fruits and vegetables in a low carb diet include watermelon, dried dates, white potatoes, parsnips, and rutabagas. On the whole, these choices are fairly dense in starch content, which leads to a higher glycemic index rating.

South Beach diet does demand that you give up all fruits during your first dieting phase to help regulate your body’s insulin production, but other low carb diet choices like Atkins aren’t quite as strict with the fruit rules.

Check with your individual diet plan listing, then eliminate those “bad” fruits and vegetables from your everyday menu.

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Updated: October 30, 2012 — 12:52 am

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