Which Acne Treatment Is Right For You?

by Corinne Giles
(Adelaide, Australia)

There are at least fifty different acne treatments available online and possibly another fifty options available in stores today!.

Some treatments even have their own info-mercials on late night television. What is the best way to figure out which acne treatment will be best for your skin? You need to know your skin type.

There are three basic skin types: sensitive/dry, normal, and oily. The acne treatment you choose needs to be a product that is catered to your specific skin type.

If you choose a product that is made for oily skin, but your skin is sensitive/dry, you will end up irritating your skin causing further breakouts.

If your skin falls in the sensitive/dry category you will want to go with a product called Exposed. Exposed is a top rated acne treatment that caters to dry and sensitive skin.

It’s formulation was developed by chemists, cosmetologists, dermatologists, and naturopaths for a product that includes a full spectrum of ingredients.

Well known acne fighting ingredients like benzoyl peroxide and BHA complex are used as well as relative acne newcomers like green tea and licorice. This product comes with a guarantee that your skin will be acne free in 30 days. The best part is that there is also a guarantee that your skin will remain clear for 1 year or you will receive your money back.

If you have normal skin your acne problems are most likely not as severe as the oily and sensitive skin group. One of the best acne treatments available for normal skin is Proactiv. The Proactive system involves three steps.

Step one involves using a cleanser containing benzoyl peroxide and an exfoliating agent. Step two involves using an astringent toner, and step three is a clarifying lotion also containing benzoyl peroxide.

This three step system generally takes about 2-3 weeks for results, and the product does come with a 60 day money back guarantee.

For the oily skin care group, cystic acne can sometimes occur. Cystic acne is painful and is characterized by swollen hard lumpy pimples. The product Dermajuv is just right for this condition. Dermajuv’s claim to fame is the anti-oxidant resveratrol.

Resveratrol is used in place of benzoyl peroxide in this product and is said to reduce the inflammation associated with cystic acne almost overnight.

Dermajuv uses many other plant extracts including tangerine oil, shea butter, aloe vera, and chamomile extract. Dermajuv also comes with a thirty day money back guarantee.

Choosing the appropriate acne treatment really is simple as long as you take your skin type into consideration.

Arming yourself with the appropriate skin care product for your specificskin type will vastly improve your skin’s complexion.

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Updated: October 30, 2012 — 6:04 pm

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