What’s the Best Diet Program to Do? The Most Successful Diet Program You Can Do!

Are you trying to figure out what’s the best diet program to do? If so then today I’ll provide for you some information about the #1 ranked dieting system of both 2008 & 2009 which is known as the calorie shifting diet. Best of all there is no exercise required, no freakish dieting restrictions or dangerous fat burner pills. In fact by doing this simple and straightforward weight loss approach you will lose weight by burning fat!


First however, lets discuss,

What Most Diets Try to Do & Why They Fail Because of It!

The truth behind the majority of diets is this. They work by effectively starving the body so that weight loss is literally achieved through starvation. So what’s the problem with this? Well our bodies don’t exactly like the idea of starvation even if we are 20-30 pounds overweight. So our body knows intuitively to stunt the metabolism when food suddenly becomes scarce. In simple terms our metabolism slows down significantly the less food we eat. That’s right, all these low calorie diets are just band-aid solutions, which can actually make the real cause of your sluggish metabolism even worse! Ironically enough the solution to losing weight with the proposed diet I’ll tell you about is to eat more to increase your metabolism!

Why Eating to Lose Weight Makes Sense

As explained starvation is a bad solution to weight loss as it will in fact cause more harm to your metabolism than you would like. When you eat however your body stimulates its metabolism, on top of which when you eat the right types of calories at the right times of the day you increase this metabolic boost even more, while feeling full the entire time! An example to this is eating 4 complete meals daily on the calorie shifting diet, the foods in each meal changes from day to day based on the types of calories consumed the day before, so one day you may need to eat more good high fat foods, the next may be a high protein day based around only lean meats, the next day could be low fat whole starch grains & vegetables. This special way of eating is known as calorie shifting & unlike all other diets you can continue to follow it and burn fat, not starve it away. When you really think about it, doesn’t that seem much healthier to do?

A Really Great Diet Program!

That’s why the #1 diet system of 2008/2009 goes around this pothole failure that 90% of other diets seem to favor. You never need to starve your body in order to lose weight! This is the bottom line, it’s far healthier to learn how to eat & lose weight as calorie shifting promotes.

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