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Melbourne, FL (PRWEB) January 7, 2009

True Healthy Products of Melbourne, Florida announced today the launch of their new on-line information and reference website called WorldFitnessNews.com. Readers looking for the most up to date information on a wide range of subjects, including the areas of health & fitness, fitness nutrition, Women's fitness, injury prevention and recuperation will be able to access articles from an array of fitness experts, doctors, dieticians and nutritionists from around the globe.

More and more, consumers are turning to the internet to gather and compare information that is crucial to their fitness, weight loss and well-being. Sites such as WebMD and blogs posted by some of the top medical organizations are becoming accepted as an efficient and up to the minute source of factual information and are consumers are using these forums to about the latest in both traditional and alternative medicine.

WorldFitnessNews.com features articles on topics as diverse as distance running, the benefits of isometric exercise, Pilates and anti-aging products as well as cancer prevention, weight loss and cycling, according to THP President Jan Hrkach. “Our goal was to make WorldFitnessNews.com a destination-site where consumers interested in learning not only about products, but trends and exercise and fitness, will gravitate to. I want to be sure that the information is up to date and carefully scrutinized for accuracy.”

Adds Hrkach, “We are adding to our staff and our network of health and fitness professionals, doctors and dieticians to insure a high level of integrity.” In the future they hope to expand their sphere to include reviews of products and fitness-training systems.

Articles such as a recent one on bodybuilding supplements and another on drinking organic fair trade coffee have captured the attention of many fitness buffs and foodies as well. In just a few short weeks, and despite the holiday season and economic slowdown, WorldFitnessNews.com has seen nearly 10,000 unique visitors to the site and continues to grow by the day.

WorldFitnessNews.com contributor Barry Shapiro says that the more people who visit the site the more people he expects to spread the word. “I know that there is a good buzz about WFT and that visitors to the site are coming back for more information. That usually means that they will share that information with family and friends so I have to believe that our readership will grow incrementally.”

According to a recent New York Times article, consumer interest in personal health and fitness has not slumped off in the economic downturn. That may bode well for an upstart like WorldFitnessNews.com. “People are going to want good information and they are going to seek it out on the Internet for the most part” says Hrkach. “Our job is to educate people so they can make healthy personal-fitness decisions.”

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