Whats a good diet/excersize plan to help me lose 30lb in a month?

I desperately need to drop atleast 30 by the end of april. Any good tips/diets/etc?

I'm 17 and 98 lbs and I got there bcause i followed these easy guidelines that are very healthy for you.

First and Best Way: Excersize!!!!!!!!!!! You need to excersize atleast 1 hour a day and I would say Running/Jogging is the best way to go about it. But personally, I hate that so I do jumping jacks, skip rope, rollerskate, and run up-and-down my stairs. Any type of rigorous, systematic movement can be considered excersize

Second Way: Reduce your intake of highly saturated fats! Stop eating those artery-clogging french fries, chicken wings, etc. It's okay to eat them once a week but don't pig out on them. If you normally order a Large Fries, then order Medium one next time.

Third Way: Reduce your intake of Meat Products. That way, you save animals and help benefit your health. It's true that meat has protein and iron, but you can get iron supplements and protein from vegeterian food. I'm not saying you should have a vegeterian diet from now on (even tho I am a vegeterian); I'm just saying you should reduce your intake of meat. So if you eat meat everyday, cut it down to three days a week.

Fourth Way: Eat your fruits and vegetables. I eat three fruits and three vegetables everyday and I think that has worked for me pretty well (I'm 100 pounds ..n no I'm not anoerexic (did I spell that right?)) Anyways, urge your parents to buy more fruit and veggies and include them in your dinner. Even if you don't want to eat as many fruits and veggies as I do, you should atleast have two fruits and two veggies in your diet EACH day. There is good vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, water, and other stuff in there that helps you lose weight.

Fifth Way: Water is a natural appetite suppressant, so developing a good water drinking habit can be a long-term aid in achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. Doctor F. Batmanghelidj MD, author of “Your Body's Many Cries For Water” says most times your “hunger” is your body asking for water – not food. It's also important to remember that when the body is dehydrated, fat cells get “rubbery” and cannot be easily metabolized. This means that it's harder to lose when you don't drink your water.

Sixth Way: Drink lukewarm water with two table spoons of honey daily (easy way out and fast)

Seventh Way: One-Two table spoons of vinegar (also the easy way out and fast)

Anyways, those were a few options that you can try simultaneously (which is what I recommend) or one-by-one. You take care of urself and good luck with that!

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