What Your Diet Says About You

by Chris Nicolls
(Brisbane, Australia)

The body is a perfect piece of machinery. Actually, you can compare it to your favorite car. If you take care of your car, make sure that it is always filled with oil and that you maintain it well, it could look brand new for quite a long time.

If you, on the other hand, don’t really do much for it, you could expect your car to break down in five years or so. Your body works exactly that way. If you don’t take care of yourself as well as you should, you could expect your health to go downhill.

Your other parts might overcompensate just to make up for the lag, and this is also not necessarily good for you.

We, of all creatures, should know how to care for our basic needs. We need to look at how we live our lives and make the needed adjustments. If we tune it just right by adapting habits that will work for our own good, we could enjoy a long, happy, and active life. So how do we take care of our body so that it performs at its optimum levels?

Again, it is a matter of changing habits to live a healthier lifestyle. If we are careless with ourselves, we won’t be able to do the many things we were meant to do. What we eat, how we sleep, and how we exercise: all these factor into our overall health.

As what everyone says: you are what you eat. If you eat a lot of junk, then you can expect your body to be like mush as well. With empty calories, you won’t have the energy to do the basic things when you age.

You need the proper nutrition to become active. As tempting as these foods are, you can’t go on living this way. There are so many things you have yet to do and so many responsibilities you have yet to fulfill.

With all the activity, you will be unable to carry around all that weight. Eating healthy isn’t as hard as you think. You may always give in to temptation, but you make up one day to find that you will no longer be allowed to take in almost everything.

Of course, you won’t want to live your life always craving for something else but several older people have regretted the way they used to live.

When you know that you pay the big price in the end, you will force yourself to learn how to eat healthy foods. It is all a matter of mind over body.

You can actually learn how to live a healthier lifestyle. Give yourself some time to eat well, exercise, and most importantly, rest. Everything you do has an impact on your life in the long run. Too much junk can deprive you of the enjoyment you deserve.

You need to learn the value of sensible eating. Load yourself with lots of fruits, vegetables, and lean meat. Keep your muscles strong through exercise. You will feel a world better if you are more proactive about your health.

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Updated: December 10, 2013 — 2:32 am

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