What workout is more effective for breaking 2 min for the 800m?

currently my hardest workout for the week consists of 8x200m repeats at 31 seconds each with 3 min walking recover inbetween each one, my current PB is a 2:19 on a dirt track with no competition (i was running alone). THIS week im changing my workout to 5x400m at 1:10 per lap with 1 min rest inbetween each one and i plan on adding one 400m to the workout next week it will be 6x400m then 7x400m then 8x400m etc. all the way to 10. which workout is more effecive in reaching my goal and what workout is harder?


Those workouts alone aren't going to be dropping your time from barely sub 2:20 to sub 2:00. While I acknowledge that it wasn't the greatest conditions to run the 800m, unless you felt that you really were barely exerting yourself that's a huge gap to bridge.

Anyways, for 800m success you need to be training really really intensely, with more variation in workouts than what you're doing. Right now you're not really going to see too much improvement if you keep the same workout routines with the same intensity, and quite frankly, your workout this week doesn't really even seem that 800m runner oriented. Similar sprint workouts I've done have been, say, [email protected] seconds each, and you're really just doing a slow sprint workout. The 5x400m is better, but bad rest intervals and lack of variation over time are going to slow down the progress you could be making.

Best advice I can give is to mix it up. I know you're only talking about hard workouts, but you're not going to get the proper balance of speed and endurance for 800m racing of just 200m and 400m repeats. Mix in long runs, recovery runs, and different hard workouts (pyramids, ladders, broken 1000m repeats, etc).

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