What will 2 job affect my health?

I have a full time job I'm 28 divor. And 2 kids just took a part time been working there 30 hrs a week home by 8 every night I'm overweight so how will this affect my health ?? Stress,wgt,etc ????


I wasn't overweight when I did the same thing, but I am overweight now, know I couldn't do that now at my age, my girls are grown with kids of their own now, I was also at age 28, divorced, 2 girls, raised them myself, I took on 2 jobs frequently, would do it for 4 months, quit and take a break for a while, then look for another job and do it again for maybe 3 months, etc, etc, did that about 4 times while raising my girls, back in the day, there were more jobs around than there are now, just keep a eye on your health if your concerned, your young enuf, actually keeping busy is a good way to keep your weight under control, if you weren't working double jobs, you might be heavier, therefore, maybe less healthy. Good Luck!

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