1. Woo

  2. First comment

  3. Wow

  4. would be careful with the hydrogene peroxide 😀

  5. Dont like onion

  6. Thanks for all the tips! I’m going to put them to use

  7. Wow you really do have white teeth! We did’nt know that food can whiten the
    teeth, especially nuts. Thanks for the unique tips! -Your affordable razor
    brand, DorcoUSA*com

  8. She says Uhm too much

  9. happinessislikeakiss

    Milk from animals will give you osteoporosis.

  10. Radhakrishna Maharjan

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  11. I drink everything through a straw except for water.
    And using whitening tooth paste and use whitening products like a strip
    once a month. 

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