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  2. Wow Corrina, I mean come on… In this video you actually said that if you
    want to lose weight you should go easy on the fruit. BS! Sorry for having
    to call you out on this, but people don’t get fat from stuffing their faces
    with bananas and berries at McDonalds every day. Fruit is the ultimate
    health food and you’re telling people to go easy on it? Also – what’s with
    the sugar bashing? Every cell in your body needs glucose to survive. If you
    wanna bash sugar, bash water while you’re at it.

  3. Fat is way more fattening than sugar. Why do you keep saying sugar makes
    you fat and ignore fat intake? The body has very limited need for dietary
    fat (omega 3s from plant sources, a tablespoon of flax seeds is all the
    “healthy” fat you need daily). You synthesize your own body fat anyway,
    there is no need to eat additional fat (especially the fat from dead animal
    bodies, I should add). Finally, what people fail to see is that junk food
    is fat+sugar always, and fat is the worse part of the combo

  4. Brussels sprouts nutrition? Love them

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  12. Good information just long video

  13. I love these videos. Just started watching today. I hope that changing diet
    will eliminate many of the sicknesses I now face.

  14. fruit salad my fave food and thx

  15. Best of luck to you!! Improving your diet should improve: energy levels,
    motivation/positive thoughts, digestive pain, sleeping issues, and more!

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  18. tomato, my favorite food of all time is a tomato. I can eat those all day

  19. watch?v=V3oLmD5eMsU

  20. soy milk MMMMMMHHHMMMMHH :P

  21. I’m not sure if anyone has said this but does your ethnic background
    indicate what foods are better or worse for you? and if so is there a
    general guide for what ethnic groups are used to what foods

  22. Pussy it’s organic and low in fat

  23. Watermelon 

  24. cool video

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