What to Do to Get Your Ex Back Fast – 5 Simple Tips

by Eva Martinez
(Denver, Colorado, USA)

Breaking up with your ex can become something very depressing in your life. You may not be able to forget the moment when you break up with your ex in a long time.

If you feel the craving to get back with your ex, then it’s time for you to do it. However, you should do it strategically as your ex may not easily accept you back, considering what you’ve done in the past (the cause of your breakup). Here are 5 simple things to do to get your ex back fast:

1. Give silent time for at least 1 month

When you break up with your ex, don’t just go frenzy and call your ex in the morning, noon, and evening. It will only push your ex away and make the making up process a bit harder. What you do instead is to cut all communications with your ex for at least 1 month. You can call this period a silent time. This is a time when you and your ex can contemplate whether the breakup decision is right for you or not. If your ex call you within this time, simply don’t answer. If you feel want to call your ex within this time, simple don’t do it.

2. Re-examine your relationship problem

There will be at least one main problem that causes the breakup to occur. During the silent time, make sure to ponder and contemplate on this main problem. You need to know the exact culprit for your relationship problem before it’s too late. No matter who causes the breakup, re-examine the problem in the perspective that you are responsible for it. In this way, you know exactly what you’re going to do to fix it. Remember, you can’t change your ex, but you can change yourself.

3. Fixing your relationship

When the silent time has passed, it is the time for you to start recreating the relationship. But first, you need to fix the problem in your relationship. Admit your mistakes and ask for forgiveness and second chance, even if you are not the one who causes the breakup. Before that, you should forgive the mistake your ex has made to you. This is an important time when you start reviving your relationship.

4. Change your attitude

Leave the bad attitude that triggers the breakup behind. You don’t need to carry it in the new relationship. Put down your ego and selfishness and never try to blame your ex for the breakup. In short, you should forget the incident in the past and start weaving the future in a new way. Keep in mind that you can only change yourself and you can never change your ex. But, by changing your attitude, you will inspire your partner to change his attitude as well.

5. Stay positive and develop more communication

What you need to do during the restoration process is to stay positive and develop more communication with your ex. You can’t do this overnight or even in few weeks. You need to patiently and sincerely develop better communication with your ex. Keep positive thoughts in your mind while you do so.

Those are 5 simple things that you need to do to get your ex back fast. Do it strategically, and you will certainly get your ex back. But, if you do it thoughtlessly, you’ll fail and your ex will leave you farther away. Follow those tips and you’ll be able to rebuild your broken relationship in the right way.

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Updated: October 31, 2012 — 2:47 am

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