What percentage of Britain's national budget is spent on health care?

A whopping 37% of America's federal budget is spent on Social Security. Medicare (health care for the elderly) and Medicaid (health care for the poor), which are part of Social Security, account for 20% of total government expenditure.

America spends more money than any other country in the world to provide low-end health care for the poor and the elderly. Medicaid/Medicare often deny coverage, which is unheard of in other Western nations.

Does Britain, or any other Western European nation for that matter, spend a whopping 37% of its budget on health care?

37% is ridiculous! And once the baby boomers start getting sick the USA is in real trouble!

Where did you get your figures from? Since the USA currently spends around $700bn a year on the military/ war on terror, that is even more than the $615bn spent on healthcare. Social security is a separate item altogether and has its own fund & income source; however, the government routinely borrows cash from the excess funds in the Social Security Trust Fund and uses it as part of the federal budget.(they do this in Britain too). If by your assertion the USA is spending 37% of its budget on healthcare, then if you add military spending to that you would be left with less than 25% of the budget for EVERYTHING else, which is clearly not accurate. Also, bear in mind the USA has an annual budget deficit of around $250bn.

Anyway, my point is that you are spending more on the military than on your people, which is just wrong in anyone's book. In Britain, people in employment pay a part of their earnings into a scheme called the National Insurance scheme, usually 7% or thereabouts (it's complicated and tedious), and this money funds the bulk of the NHS budget. So it has its own source of income, not from taxation. It is the largest employer in Europe and has an annual budget of around $140bn at current exchange rates. So you see, Britain's government spends around the same on healthcare as the USA's does, given the USA's roughly five times larger population. If you add the cost of all those millions & millions of private healthcare policies however…it appears the USA is spending a massively larger figure on healthcare for a frequently inferior service.

Just so know, the UK government spends an equivalent average of around $1trn a year in total, meaning that even if the NHS was added to that figure then the percentage spent on it would be somewhere around the 10% mark

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