What people should know about the health benefits of royal jelly?

Most people agree that royal jelly is an amazing hive product with unique nutritious and therapeutic values. Royal jelly has numerous health benefits for the human body.This substance is produced by bees and it is in fact the secretion of a gland located in the bees’ head. Bees produce this substance between their sixth and tenth day of their short life. Royal jelly is used to feed the bee larva for the first three days of their existence. After these three days, only the queen bee larvae will continue to be fed with this special substance. The other larvae are fed with honey and pollen. Due to its diet based exclusively on royal jelly, the queen bee lives for a few years, while the life span of a working bee does not exceed forty days. Moreover, the queen bee lays more than 2000-3000 eggs a day.

The royal jelly is extremely sensitive to heat, light and humidity. Therefore, the process of its harvesting is extremely difficult. It has to be stored in a dry, dark and cool environment.

The amazing health benefits of royal jelly are due to its composition. Thus, royal jelly is made of water (65%), carbohydrates, lipids, twenty amino-acids, vitamins, enzymes, hormones, minerals and certain active compounds that are still unknown to scientists. 

Royal jelly is a real blessing for tired and stressed people who suffer from chronic fatigue. It can also be successfully used by convalescent people or by those suffering from malnutrition. Its rejuvenating properties are well known. Therefore, you will find royal jelly in the composition of numerous face creams and body lotions. Old people can use it in order to regain their lost vitality. Royal jelly also strengthens the immune system, giving it the necessary force to fight various disease and infections. It has powerful antiviral, antibiotic and anti-inflammatory effects. Anemic patients can use it in order to treat their general state of weakness.   

People suffering from sterility, impotence and frigidity can find a real alley in royal jelly, famous for its aphrodisiac qualities. Moreover, this amazing substance established the hormonal equilibrium of the human body. It is highly recommended to women who no longer use birth control pills.  

Few people know that royal jelly can be used in treating mild depressions. Many patients suffering from cancer turn to royal jelly for help, since it has the ability to reduce the development of tumorous that grow at a slow pace. 

The royal jelly cure is neither complicated nor painful. The treatment last for ten days, during which “the patient” has to drink a vial of royal jelly, every morning thirty before breakfast. The royal jelly is poured into a glass of porcelain or glass and afterwards a bit of water is added. The two ingredients and mixed and drunk immediately. Metallic recipients alter the health benefits of royal jelly. Thus, during one treatment the “patient” will consume 10 vials of royal jelly. This treatment has to be done twice a year, in order to obtain the desired effects. If the cures follow one another, then there should be at least a ten-day break between the cures.

Thus, it can be said that the royal jelly is a highly valuable substance for human health. The benefits of royal jelly cannot be questioned. The royal jelly is toxin-free and in lots of countries is considered a food supplement. Bees use it as food and so do human beings. The royal jelly is in fact a natural food that can be eaten by all people regardless their age. 

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