what is the requirements to learn the martial arts?

Hi Everybody! can anyone tell me that is there any requirements to learn the martial arts, like age fitness etc. and how much time is consumed in the learning? i m a boy 23years old and i do not have good fitness, can i the martial art easily?what type of it will be good for me, tai kuan do, tai bando or etc.?

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I have taken Tae Kwon Do for 3 years! I no longer take it but there aren't really any conditions! I went there knowing absolutely nothing but I was taught and now I am one of the best in my tae kwon do school. I would suggest however maybe jogging 2 times a week to try to loose some weight! Tae Kwon Do is hard work especially to become a black belt so you need to tuff it up and get in shape! But I'm sure you'll do great! But you have to stick with it u can't quit after a year! It's a big commitment but I think it's totally worth it! If I could do it so can you because I'm only 12! Good Luck!

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