What is the hCG Diet?

by Holly Sanders
(San Antonio, Texas, USA)

There are multiple numbers of diet plans on the market. Many have been around for a long period of time and many are new and promising such as the HCG diet plan, which is rapidly becoming one of the best-known diet plans in the market. What is the HCG diet and why should you try this unique diet plan?

HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) diet plan is a quick and reliable way to lose weight. HCG is formed during pregnancy and aids in helping to make sure the mother and the baby have enough fuel as it stores abnormal fat to be used later as energy.

When the HCG is used in a person who is trying to lose weight the HCG triggers the dipencephalon region in the brain to use the “abnormal fat” causing it to burn rapidly. With this rapid burn and a lower intake of calories, you will have a quick weight loss. The balanced food will boost your metabolism and will help you lose the fat in your stubborn areas thorough the HCG diet.

HCG Diet Plan

It is 100% Effective and Completely Safe. This diet plan modifies eating behaviors and helps reduce caloric intake as it responds to metabolic cues. Testing has been going on for over fifty years and the data has come back that HCG is an effective way to lose weight with minimal reports of any side effects. Reviews have poured in of happy clients who have beat the weight loss yoyo and are now on their way to better health.

HCG Reduces Cravings. HCG targets the hypothalamus in the brain that regulates the control of food intake. Through metabolic cues and signals from the digestive system, the hypothalamus lets the body know when it is time to eat in order to maintain a certain body weight and also helps to reduce food cravings.

Side Effects. HCG is a “natural” hormone that pregnant women produce. Side effects have been reported in people with pre-existing conditions when they were administered high dosages of HCG. However, there have been no side effects resulting from people following the HCG diet plan.

Weight Loss on the HCG Diet Plan. The average weight loss is only an average of a group of people and no two people are alike. The average weight loss is about ½ to 3 lbs a day. This will vary from person to person.

HCG is proven safe, it has proven to work and reviews speak for themselves with all the positive feedback from happy consumers. Take the time and do some research and make sure all your questions have been answered so that you feel good about your decision to try the HCG diet.

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Updated: November 27, 2013 — 12:15 pm

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