What is the difference between coaching a football team and managing a football team at youth level?

Im helping out a team and the other coaches & managers talk a lot about managing and coaching and i know what the difference is at professional level. But what is the difference at youth level?

a football manager manages his resources, mainly the players and depending on his relationship with the board and owners – can have some or all control on transfer dealings in/out of the club.

a football manager's sole responsibility is utilising his squad in the most efficient way possible as to ensure that over a domestic season, he can field the strongest and FRESHEST starting XI each game.

this doesn't mean the same thing as picking the best/most talented/gifted XI from your squad in each game.

it doesnt work that way.

sometimes you may need to rest one or two players who have been regulars in the XI , and swap them with maybe a youngster and a reserve player who has started to perform well in the reserves team and is showing freshness and good fitness.

a football manager also decides on the formation he will adopt pre-match and during the game , will tinker with the formation in relation to who he has selected to sit on his subs bench.

a coach ensure sthe players keep fit, work hard in training and improve areas of their game if possible – or just keep them sharp, by making them do various things more often than others. I.e the guy who can't shoot at goal to save his life – maybe given extra 'shooting practice' lol

a coach is more hands on – he will try to improve the fitness, tecnique and all round game and also try to 'gel the players' together and develop their understanding of each other learning to play like a collective.

a manager simply wants to make sure the hard work the coach puts in with the players is rewarded by the players themselves on the pitch – after all, football isnt about the players alone – the fans expect.

they pay absurd amounts of money to sit in those terraces and sing their hearts out for their clubs – so when the players take home £60k+ a week for doing nothing , it angers them.

coach = training, team-building skills, bonding sessions, addressing issues on individual players doing certain things too much or too less or simply incorrectly, and making sure the players are in tip top condition for the MANAGER to then be in a position to pick his 'starting XI's each game.

thats all.

some managers are in their late 30s early 40s and are able to operate in coach mode (non match day during training sessions) and then put his suit on and adopt the 'Manager' role , switching between the two accordingly and when its required.

Manager is more 'on match day' sort of role for me.

A coach is non match day kinda role.

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