What is the cat breed with the least health problems?

I'm thinking about getting a kitten and I was wondering which breed has the least health problems. Any suggestions?

health problems

I'll assure you now that all specific cat breeds usually have one health problem or another. Your best bet is to actually get a mixed standard shorthair, the type you see everywhere, your common street cat. These mutts have better genes that prevent most diseases and problems than a purebred breed of cat. For example, persians , a purebred, specific breed of cat, can develop breathing problems due to thier shrunken-looking small noise. Normal mutts, the standard american shorthair, like tabby cats, bi colored shorthairs, etc dont suffer from this because they dont have those facial features. A purebred cat like a Manx, because of their genetic deformation of having no tail,they are susceptible of developing what is called Manx Syndrome, a condition that could be fatal for a kitten.

So go to your nearest ASPCA and ask for a regular, standard shorthair, those are the healthiest!

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