What is the best weight loss exercise?

If you dont have any home-exercise equipment…what is the best weight loss exercise for your hips? butt? thighs? TY and Happy Holidays!

The best way to loose weight is jump roping. I have tried running, biking, sit ups, and all sorts of exerices and none seemed to work as well as jump roping. Jumping rope will seriously work every muscle in the body. I'm convinced that it will expose your weak links. After your first jump rope workout, you will be sore in many different parts of your body. Honestly, I think my entire body was sore after my first jump rope workout. I was especially sore in my calf muscles as well as my abs. What i do is:

Stand in front of a clock or timer of some sort

Jump Rope for 3 minutes to warm up

Rest for 30 seconds

Jump rope as quickly as possible for 60 seconds

Rest for 30 seconds

Jump Rope as quickly as possible for 60 seconds

Rest for 30 seconds

Repeat this alternating pattern for 15-20 minutes

Good Luck!

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