What Is The Best Dry Dog Food?

by Charlie McBride
(Warrington, UK)

The best dry dog food is a hot debatable topic. No one really knows which is the best. Usually it comes down to which one your dog loves to eat the most!.

All dogs are different and your dog may not even touch a certain dry dog food brand that another dog absolutely loves. It’s a bit like human’s who love certain foods but can not stand others!

When trying to choose the best dry dog food for your pet you should look at a few factors.

The first is price. Often the cheaper or no name brands are made of cheaper ingredients. These can often harm your dog. Too many preservatives will cause problems with your dog and he will not feel his best.

Although you don’t need to buy the most expensive dry dog food brand, it’s a good idea to stick to the mid range pricing level.

A good quality dry dog food will increase your dog’s vitality and life length. Dry food should be coupled with meaty food once per day as well. This gives your dog a balanced diet.

Some of the best dry dog food brands are highly recommended by veterinarians. You can be assured that these are the best of the best.

Unfortunately they also come at a price, with these top brands commanding a hefty price tag.

Most dry dog food is based around corn, rice or soybean. High quality dry dog food will have ingredients such as chicken and beef as the main ingredients.

Keep in mind that stores sell dry dog food according to the age of dogs. There is usually a different type for puppies, adults and seniors. You should purchase the food that is best suited to your dogs’ age.

You will know if you have chosen a good dry dog food just by the way your dog eats it. If he gobbles it down then he loves it!

You CAN also take notice of his stools and behavior. If his stools are regular and he is energetic then his food is fine. If he is lethargic and displays signs of diarrhea or constipation then you can try a different brand of dry dog food in addition to seeking veterinarian advice.

The best dry dog food is a hit and miss situation. You are best off trying several different brands until you find the one or two that your dog loves best.

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Updated: October 30, 2013 — 4:09 am

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