1. thank you so much Dr Eric

  2. What about that two ounce limit on protein because any more will trigger an
    insulin spike? Thanks.

  3. thebarbiewithmuscle

    It is IMPOSSIBLE for protein to spike insullin. Protein is the ONLY thing
    that will not spike insullin. If you take a type 2 diabetic COMPLETELY off
    of carbs, their bloodsugar will be normal within 8 weeks. We have cured 12
    type 2 diabetics so far with this method. Your WHOLE body consists of
    protein, and if you want to replenish the protein to sustain your body you
    can have 1g of protein per lb of bodyweight, IF you don’t have kidney
    problems, and protein does not CAUSE kidney problems.

  4. thebarbiewithmuscle

    Dr Berg, as far as my knowledge goes cholestrol is NOT caused by fat, but
    by carbohydrates that does not get burnt. The overflow of carbs floating in
    your body literally causes inflammation within the arteries, and THAT is
    where the bad cholestrol comes from. Doctors tell people to quit salt and
    eggs where as, our results in clients with high bad cholestrol is to make
    them eat 4-8 eggs per day (depending on their weight) and the cholestrol
    issues completely dissappear (really fast if they cut

  5. thebarbiewithmuscle

    sugar and carbs by half). Sugarcarbs are literally TOXIC to the body en yet
    the food pyramid tells people to eat WAAAAAY more carbs then any human
    being (even the physically fit ones) can even tolerate in their systems
    without it being toxic. My husband and I just had a full 4000 dollar
    bloodwork done to test our genes, macros, vitamins, kidneys, minerals, and
    we were middle to high range on EVERYTHING. Not even one shortage. My folic
    acid and Vit A was just above the line for needing

  6. thebarbiewithmuscle

    supplementation. So for people who does everything WRONG according to the
    medical dietary belief, we are in BETTER than perfect health, as apposed to
    the people who follow the food pyramid and regular doctor’s advice.
    Obviously you are a step above, and I enjoy your videos. Thank you.

  7. dr. berg! you got it absolutely right!

  8. I have that book by Adelle Davis. “Let’s Eat Right To Keep Fit”. Chapter 2
    “Breakfast Gets The Days Work Done”.

  9. What if I’m allergic to eggs? Any other suggestions?

  10. Thank you Dr!

  11. thankyou sir
    this is so true

  12. 4-5 Table spoons Hemp seeds every morning gives you energy through out the

    OneLove – JBB

  13. good video but would of been nice to hear why exactly protein is best, and
    maybe get out that board and draw me some pictures. Thanks!!

  14. Scholasticæ Sigrid Agren

    Thanks Doc. Really changed my way of thinking.

  15. Good information. Thanks.

  16. People still keep eating this sugar… :-(

  17. I need to lose about 40 pounds give or take, can you please give me a full
    days menu to get started? With the amounts of everything included please?
    Thank you.

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